NPK: 0-52-40

  • Effective source of phosphates
  • Cleaning effect in containers and pipes

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Triafos, a polyphosphate fertiliser, is a long-acting and highly absorbable source of phosphates for the plant. Precipitation of phosphorous is common in irrigation systems. Phosphates tends to form very stable compounds with cations (calcium, magnesium,..) in solution. As these elements precipitate, they are no longer available to the plant. Polyphosphates act as a chelate, absorbing cations to it’s hydroxyl group. In the root zone, polyphosphates are slowly hydrolysed, providing a consistent supply of plant-available phosphate and cations over time.

Triafos can be used in the various fertigation systems in which nutrients are absorbed via the roots. Besides the nutritional value, Triafos helps cleaning out residues in tanks and irrigation pipes by binding cations. When using Triafos on field crops, it’s particularly suitable during spring, when cold and calcareous soils reduce the absorbability of other phosphate fertilizers. Pholyphosphates are less prone to leaching compared to some other forms of phosphorus fertilisers.

Triafos powder is stable, conversion of polyphosphates only begins when the product is dissolved. Compared to alternative polyphosphates on the market, Triafos is very easy to use. Due to it’s neutral character, there is no need to additionally acidify the nutrient solution. Triafos can be replaced one on one by MKP.

Starting from a fertiliser tank of 1000L, diluted 100 times, working with MKP as a basis, substitute 25kg of MKP with 25kg of Triafos.

Chemical composition

Phosphorus pentoxide (P205) 52 %
Potassium oxide (K2O) 40 %


25 kg bag - 1200 kg bigbag

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