Anorel on a Sustainable Pursuit

Our vision on sustainability

As a manufacturer of fertilizers, our ecological footprint is a fact, as is our social responsibility. At Anorel we see it as our task to take care of tomorrow and therefore place corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the center of our policy. The health and well-being of people and the environment are close to our heart.

With numerous concrete initiatives and actions we aim for sustainable growth in a responsible manner. Sustainability is a core value to which Anorel will constantly act!

Three major pillars

Corporate social responsibility is only achievable if there is a proper balance between environmental, economic and social considerations. These are therefore the three pillars on which our sustainability policy is based.

Focus on sustainable processes and applications

Anorel does not shy away from producer responsibility. To recycle our industrial packaging material as optimally as possible, we are a member of a specialized collective. The intention is to strive for the circular economy as much as possible. In contrast to the linear economy, that of "mining - producing - consuming - throwing away", the circular economy strives to keep products, their parts and materials in circulation as long as possible.

Renewable energy is widely used on the Anorel sites. More than 95% of our electricity consumption is supplied by our solar panels. In this way we ensure the use of sustainable electricity in our buildings and in our machinery (forklifts, production machines, etc.).

Why choose for Anorel?

  Best price/quality

  Open communication

  All NPK and PG mixes possible

  Tailor made

  REACH registered