Custom made NPK-formulations

Do you need a fertilizer with a specific NPK-composition? Preferably in special or even in own packaging? We look for the most suitable raw materials for you and deliver a customized top product. Best price/quality guaranteed!

Tailor made?

Our standard range of NPK fertilizers offers a balanced nutrition for a broad range of plants under normal conditions. However, for certain specific conditions or crops they may still not be optimal. But Anorel can offer the solution! Together with you we will search for the most suitable fertilizer mix for your situation. Our long time experience in cooperating with farmers in the field all over the world is at your service!


Only the best raw materials are used for the production of our NPK fertilisers. To ensure this quality we work together with producers all over the world. We implement our own control mechanisms and help resolve issues when they present themself.

The actual production of the NPK's happens in the Netherlands. The process is fully  automated to guarantee a uniform and high-standard product. 

Packaging and branding

As a standard all of our NPK's are produced and sold in 25 kg bags, either under the Fertilikers or PolyAmix brand.  

Upon request other packagings, brands or labels can also be used. We currently provide: 

  • 1 and 2 kg pouches
  • 10, 15 and 25 kg bags in PE or LWPP quality
  • Bigbags of variable sizes.

  Best price/quality

  Open communication

  All NPK and PG mixes possible

  Tailor made

  REACH registered