Customized Unibag products

A fertigation system with A and B-tank is traditionally rather labour-intensive. Manually adding fertilizers in 25 kg bags takes time and effort. The Unibag can fix that for you. Based on your fertigation advice we produce 1 bigbag for each tank with the exact quantity and composition you require. Simply empty the bag, stirr, and it's ready to go.

Customized Unibag products


The bigbags we produce can contain between 250 kg up to 1200 kg of fertilizers. As a result about 10 000L of nutrient solution can be produced with 1 action. The weight is not fixed but can be changed depending on your needs. This way weighing and calculating fertilizers for the tanks becomes unnecessary!

All raw materials for the production of these Unibags are premium grade and fully mixed. Therefore we can guarantee a product that is completely soluble and stays free flowing for a long time. 


For the Belgian market we can produce Unibags on very short notice, allowing farmers to adjust quickly to new fertigation advices. 

For international markets logistics become slightly more complex, resulting in minimum quantities and longer delivery times. However, product properties stay the same, making it the perfect sollution for crops with rather constant nutrient requirements. 

Why choose for Anorel?

  Best price/quality

  Open communication

  All NPK and PG mixes possible

  Tailor made

  REACH registered