NPK: 2-3-11 +14.7% SiO2 +0.75% hydrolyzed seaweed

  • High concentration of directly available silicium
  • Silicium helps to form a physical barrier against biotic and abiotic stress
  • Rich in potassium to make crops more resistant to drought
  • Increases sugar content in fruits
  • Promotes the uptake of calcium and micronutrients
  • Can be applied in agriculture, in fertigation systems, or used as a foliar spray

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Silacon is a biostimulant that promotes the health and resilience of crops while contributing to high fruit quality and extended shelf life.

Functional Role of Components in Silacon:

(1) Silicium fertilizer:

Silicium (Si) is a beneficial plant nutrient that provides plants additional resilience, especially in stress conditions. The presence of silicium also enhances calcium and micronutrient uptake. Silacon contains silicium in the form of potassium metasilicate, which is absorbed by plant roots.

Silacon fulfills several protective functions for plant resilience:

Physical barrier:

  • Protection against biotic stress (plant pathogens like insects, fungi, bacteria, and viruses)
    Silicium is deposited in the outer cell wall, preventing the penetration of plant pathogens.
  • Protection against abiotic stress (drought, heavy metals, and salt):
    Silicium gel, deposited in the plant after absorption, easily absorbs water and thickens the leaves, improving drought tolerance.

Gene effect:

  • Silicium activates a biochemical response that stimulates the plant's natural defense mechanism.

(2) N-P-K fertilizer:

Silacon is an EG fertilizer with a high potassium content. Potassium plays an essential role in various quality-affecting processes such as flower formation, flower coloring, fruit formation, and sugar content in fruits. It also improves overall plant resilience against stress factors, including drought and diseases.

(3) Hydrolyzed seaweed:

Silacon contains hydrolyzed seaweed with natural plant growth regulators (PGRs). These stimulate root growth and, consequently, water, nutrient, and silicium uptake.

Test results research on Silacon

Moreover, Silacon has been granted a derogation (exemption number EM626.0), which means that both Anorel and independent testing centers have proven the effectiveness of Silacon and its application methods, leading to approval by the relevant European regulations.

Here are some specific examples of the results from independent tests on more than 20 crops using Silacon:

  • On apples, Silacon significantly reduced the incidence of apple scab (Venturia inaequalis).
  • On pears, there was clearly less black rot (Stemphyllium vesicarium) observed. Furthermore, the plants absorbed more calcium and micronutrients, and the fruits had a higher sugar content (BRIX index). In summary: higher quality fruits with more flavor!
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Chemical composition

Total nitrogen (N) 2,3 %
- Ureic nitrogen (NH2) 2,3 %
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 3 %
Potassium oxide (K2O) 11 %
Silicium dioxide (SiO2) 14,7 %


1 L can  - 5 L can - 20 L can - 200 L barrel - 1000 L multibox

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