• Readily available source of Calcium and Sulphur
  • Increased water infiltration in soil by leaching of harmful salts
  • Improves overall quality and shelf-life of fruits, vegetables and nuts
  • For application in soil and soilless irrigation systems

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Catasul is based on calcium thiosulfate. Catasul works in two ways: it acts both as soil amendment and as a fertilizer.

Catasul will balance the soil by leaching of harmful salts improving water infiltration. It also makes soil nutrients like potassium and iron available for the plants.

On the other hand, Catasul itself brings the key nutrients calcium en sulphur, 100% readily available, to the plant.

Catasul is besides being 100% safe to use, a cost effective and eco-friendly liquid fertilizer.

Density (w/w): 1.24

Chemical composition

Calcium oxide (CaO) 9,0 %
Sulphur trioxide (SO3) 25,0 %


5 l can - 20 l can - 200 l barrel - 1000 l multibox

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